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     Well I know it is long overdue for updating so i thought i should bring you up to speed on whats being going on with me this past week.Well at the start of the week i was still struggling to shake of this damn flu bug thats been knocking me back since my operation.Apparently it seems all to common for girls to get some kind of bug or virus whilst recovering so that has prevented me being on cam as much and havent really been feeling like sitting and writing either.You guys can always send me messages and enquiries to find out how i'm doing anytime.

   Tuesday night was a pretty hectic night on cam and its getting to the point where i am struggling a bit to keep up with all the conversations at the same time when it starts getting into double figures it starts getting a bit silly.I can't wait to get this new cam configuration up and running.All the software is now in place and working fine and camcorder and capture card are working well.This new set up will be producing virtual realtime cam with very high quality picture resolution.Also the camcorder is on a remote so i can zoom in and out at the flick of a button so all you boys will be able to worship every part of me much better and you finally will be able to appreciate my outfits,shoes,boots etc.All that is left to complete the set up is a large screen tv for my bedroom so i can lay on the bed and still see what you boys are saying.I need another £250 boys so come on dig deep in those pockets.This is of special interest to you boot,shoe and feet boys who often miss out.On tuesday night I had over 12 piggies all trying to chat and on open cam with me at the same time,now for the most part you were all keen on seeing the newly installed size Gs and it amused me how mesmerised you were by them,I have never seen my piggies all so lost for words. It is however testement to that old phrase you cant please all of the people all of the time,whilst everyone else were daydreaming over my tits there always has to be one was wanting the cam moving onto the soles of my perfect little feet.He got so frustrated it was quite amusing to see him squirm,alas he, apart from a quick glimpse lucked out as I was wayyyy too busy draining my other minnions of their hard earned cash.I have however promised to do him a special foot fetish video of my toes and soles in all their glory,maybe teasing him with some sexy shoes dangling off my pretty toes.



   Wednesday started out destined to be a good day.I had an appointment to go see my surgeon in Notts at noon to finally take these horrible stitches from around my nipples.Damn I am getting so sick off wearing sports bras now i cant wait to finally be healed fully and let my new perfectly round sexy melons come out to play.Well i set off to Notts in my car destined to go see my surgeon and to get some botox and start a new skin peel treatment (well I might as well now whilst my boobs are healing)anyway about half way down the motorway I heard a funny blowing sound next thing BANG a cloud of smoke up through the gearbox and thats me at the side of the road with a blown engine all fired up and ready to take out my anger on someone,where were all my slaves when I needed them stranded there at the side of the road in my designer heels.Well to make matters worse my phone was acting up due to crappy nokia firmware so it made things more difficult.It was also then harder to keep tabs on one of my special slaves who,whilst out and about on the road had pulled over to a quiet secluded spot to admire my pics on his phone and play with his little peepee.He knows that it amuses me how it makes him so helplessly addicted he knows I own his balls and and his wallet and he loves me to direct him,tell him how to behave and to make his desicions. 
   Well after an hour or so the recovery vehicle arrived to take me and my vehicle to my mechanics when he finally arrived the recovery driver couldnt believe his luck but I just gave him a dirty disgusted look for keeping me waiting so long ,how dare he?He definately needs a dungeon session with me to teach him some basic respect.Well I dropped the vehicle off at the workshop and walked the short stretch from there to my local town still wearing my heels well not for long as no sooner had i reached the town one of my heels partly snapped off outside a hardware store.Well I couldnt have that so I fluttered my eyelashes at this old guy passing by and swiftly sent him into the store for some super glue for me.He returned promptly and then set about gluing my heel back on,it seemed quite fitting for him to be there at my feet in the street,a total stranger and he seemed quite content being there but who could blame him.Well having to get a taxi home really was the crappy end to an already bad day,I have had to postpone seeing my surgeon til next Tuesday for taking my stitches out and my other treatments so not very impressed all that on top of now having to get my car fixed so I need to vent my anger on a couple of pathetic little losers.

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Well 4 days gone since operation and these boobs are finally starting to soften a bit thank god.I had to go and buy a bigger size sports bra today bringing me up to a G cup now.Getting a bit fed up of feeling sore and hobbling about everywhere and was a bit concerned that they were still bleeding so i took some pics and emailed to my surgeon to be on the safe side.Apparently according to him all is looking well with the twins so are still on schedule for their public debut in about 6 weeks.I do need however to have a few words with some of you less considerate,patient or understanding slaves ,who are already expecting me to jump on cam for a show at the drop of hat.....well I should remind you little piggies viewing my cam is a lucky privelege to be appreciated so DO NOT push your luck.The more I can keep them rested the sooner they will be healed and can be back to normal only SUPERSIZED,trust me it will be worth the wait.There is knowone more eager than myself to see them up and running so chill out a bit..

Thanks to my special slave "P" for funding me for the two new sports bras that i purchased today they are already making me feel much more comfortable,much appreciated .I would also like to thank my special slave "mr girth" lol for the pleasant chat whilst i was feeling miserable with pain and for the gift much appreciated.

I have managed to put some make up on tonight for the first time since my op and am going to try and make myself available on cam now over the weekend for all you devoted puppy's but dont expect me to be moving about in my boots etc for a while,I'm still in great pain so make sure you guys show your appreciation.

All my old bras etc will be up for sale on ebanned very shortly so all you sissy boys and pant sniffers drop me a message if there is something you would like il see whats left.(its such a rare privelege to own something of mine so arnt you lucky)

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Got around to starting my journal at last and the big story of the week,month,etc is my breast implants.Well it finally came and went the BIG day.It was a bit of a scary expeience for me having never been put out before.The other thing i had been concerned about was were they going to be big enough?.Well Monday morning I rang Kay the coordinator and told her that I had looked into it and i certainly didn't want to go lower than 620cc at least I wanted them big at least E minimum.Well she sent a special order to France and during the evening of monday night the last pair of 680cc hi profile cohesive gel implants from suppliers came flying over the English Channel destined for my new cleavage.Waiting for the arrival of my new assets put the surgery back a few hours so they took me down to be knocked out at around 2.15pm GMT.Well the anaesthetic was the scary part for me but the anaesthetist was great and soon had me laughing(i think he has to be on the morphine aswell)Well in it went and I got no further than 3 on the count and i was away to never land...............................................

Eyes opened it what seemed like an instant,a bit unaware of what was going on.When I finally came around and stopped shaking I looked down to see the new arrivals for the first time.Well they certainly made good with their promises.They are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping for an F or double E at least but that seems to have been well surpassed.They kept me in overnight with chest drains from each side to take away any excess fluid and my new boobs taped up with adhesive dressing.When they came to remove the drains and dressing the following morning,the 34F sports bra I had taken was to small to accomodate me.They brought me home yesterday by about 12noon ,every bump in the road hurt like hell.I have had to just lie down propped up and unable to really do much since then,I am so sore.After a couple of attempts to get a new sports bra it seems like I am going to be ending up with like 30-32 G by the time all has settled.WooHooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well cant wait for them to heal properly and take some new photoshoots with the new twins but I am in really bad pain at the moment so I wish some of you guys would be bit more understanding.I really need cheering up at the minute cos I'm fed up at the moment.What better way to cheer up a despondant Goddess than to shower her with gifts or tributes(you may be rewarded when the girls have healed!!!!!!!!)

I need money for a few more sports bras at the moment approx £25-£30 each .I am also raising funds for a new laptop with built in cam so I can be more available to you guys,when you deserve it,so send me what you know you want to give me and put yourself in my good books and make your Goddess smile in her time of need.

Step up little piggies you have something of mine !!!!!!!

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